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Best Essential Oil Specialist in Thoreau

My range of complementary essential oils are designed to work alongside mainstream medicine to help you feel better in every way.

  1. Browse through our list of products and if you don't find what you need just email or text me and tell me what you're struggling with right now and I'll see what I can do to help. [email protected] 505-240-5196

Here is a tip to help in this saga of covid-19: if you begin to experience any of the symptoms of this dreaded virus boil some water and put cinnamon essential oil or kitchen cinnamon in the water while it's boiling and inhale the steam. That will kill any germs bacteria or virus in your body.

A tablespoon of C a day can keep viruses at bay.. Dr. Milton Shiffenbaur

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I began my alternative medicine journey many years ago, and I've found over the years that balance, relaxation and a focus on natural remedies are the key to a happy, fulfilled, and healthy life. Complementary herbal medicines and essential oils can help you relieve ailments and find the inner peace and tranquillity you're craving. Text me 505-240-5196 email [email protected] to start your journey to wellness with me, and let's navigate the landscape of health and happiness together.

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Alternative medicine, much like mainstream medicine, takes many years and much research to understand and practice. If you are looking for an experienced and knowledgeable practitioner to guide you to health and happiness, then look no further. Understanding holistic health is important in providing remedies for your ailments, and it's imperative that your guide has an innate understanding of the body, its ailments, and the path to holistic health. With my many years of experience and many happy clients, you can trust in me to provide the answer to your health challenges.

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Cinnamon Instant Pain Relief


DrCinnamon instant pain relief is a mixture of cinnamon essential oil along with several other oils that are healthy for your skin and your body. 

A 4oz bottle will last a long time because you only use a mini-palm full to relieve muscle...

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Eucalyptus Instant Pain Relief


Eucalyptus instant pain relief is a mixture of eucalyptus essential oil along with other oils that are very healthy for your skin and body. It also has an aromatherapy smell that will relax your mind and emotions.

A 4oz Bottle will last...

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Cinnamon Cream


Cinnamon cream is used for Toenail Fungus & Restless Leg Syndrome. Applying it only to your toes will kill the fungus in time and will take away restless leg syndrome instantly.

Cinnamon Repellent


Cinnamon repellent is used to drive away Insects & Rodents. It can also be used to keep mosquitoes off of you outside at night sprayed on your clothing and lightly on your skin. It is also a Cleaning Agent & Room Deodorizer. And best of...

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Cinnamon Mouthwash


Cinnamon mouthwash is a Close-up product I highly recommend to keep your mouth and gums healthy. Cinnamon kills germs on the gums and teeth. It comes in a 16 oz Bottle and you should use it twice daily morning and evening.

Magnetic Pads


Use magnetic pads to Magnetize Creams, Oils, Lotions, and even your drinks for Better Absorption Into Skin & Cells. Just place your container of liquid on the magnetic pad and it will be ready for use in about 20 minutes. It can even be used...

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